Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy!

* Repost from personal blog - 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy Anderson!
I missed Amy's birthday last week--it was a bit too close to the exam for me to think about doing anything. I promised her a make-up cake sometime after the big day and here it is. She mentioned how much she loves "that white cake...you know, the one under the lemon coffee cup at Christmas...with the raspberry in it." (Side note--I'll talk about the lemon coffee cup another day). What Amy meant to say was that she LOVES the WASC (doesn't everyone) with my homemade raspberry jam for filling. I made this cake a very small 6 inches so Amy won't have to share with anyone. Just for her, I torted it twice so she gets twice as much raspberry, too.

  • WASC
  • Raspberry jam filling
  • Crusting Buttercream (VIVA) --hey, I don't make up the recipe names, I just eat them
  • Royal Icing flowers made in Lyda's class

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