Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake

* Reposted as copied from personal blog - 2008

Here is the Noah's Ark cake I made this week. It was a quick job before I left for vacation in Wisconsin.
The mom-to-be chose a Noah's Ark theme.
  • Deep Chocolate cake
  • Buttercream Dream icing
  • Fondant animals and ark, details painted with icing colors
I made an extender recipe for this and then poured all the batter into the pan--not thinking about the amount at all. Part-way through the baking time I checked on the cake and found it oozing onto the oven floor. Despite a small loss there, the cake tasted great.
I'm working on borders now. I feel that my recent buttercream cakes need a top border but don't like thinking of a cool coordinating design. I usually rush to do something and end up not liking it. Fondant is so much better!

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